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We regret that we are no longer hosting Psychic Fair events. Please visit Moon Goddess By The Sea, 505 S. Water Street, Ste. 507 in Corpus Christi, Texas at which you will find Celia Scanlon and Rebecca F. along with metaphysical classes and supply items.

We wish you all the best in your journey, wherever it might take you.

All our love, South Texas Psychic Fairs, LLP

Featured Guests

The following are people who participated in past events, and their specialties:
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Celia Scanlon

Light work, spiritual healer, tarot reader, astrologer.


Reading will include: Signature, Tarot and Pendulum. I will let you know the color of your Aura and what it means to you.


Healing by Angels' Donna Suthard channels "Raphael" on "Keen" and Ascended Masters -- channels information from the Angelic Realm to assist you in love, relationship, careers and spiritual questions. Was interviewed on radio podcast with Alan Hunkin and Dahlia Rondeau of Talk Shoe Radio.

George Lugo

Soul Purpose -- Nationally Recognized Psychic medium George Lugo has dedicated his life to helping people through communicating and delivering messages of hope, love and respect from loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. You owe it to yourself to have guidance and validation from the best of both worlds. So if you're worried about being on your own, don't be. You're not... none of us are. Let's find out what messages are here for you. Additional info about George at Crystal Gate Readings

Gus Cavazos

Energy Worker/Reiki Master channels energy to the physical or etheric bodies that can help heal physical, mental or spiritual issues. The clearing of negative energies and chakra balancing can also be used. Angels and guides frequently assist and even send messages through him during sessions.


Spiritually-guided Intuitive Energy Worker, scans your personal energy field to find, identify and explain blockages, then works to eliminate them and restore proper flow and balance utilizing Pranic Healing, Reiki, negative energy clearing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), oils, stones, the sounds of voice and singing bowls, guidance cards and "whatever else my 'guides/angels' tell me to use."


Nationally Recognized Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant, originally from Liberia, West Africa -- with a lifetime of experience. She began reading when she was 8 years old; and has read for people from all walks of life including business and world leaders.


Tarot Reader using the Voyager deck, Clairaudient - receives and passes on messages directly to you from Spirit.

Rebecca F.

Empathic Spiritual counselor/teacher, channeling the angels and guides for the enlightenment of the soul. Identifying energy and possible blocks,the angels work with you to heal yourself.


Aura Photography

Scheduled vendors:

South Texas Psychic Fairs, LLP
A variety of semiprecious stones, crystal balls, pyramids and larger crystals. Also stones suitable for pocket carry or jewelry. See Rachel for your custom stone wrapping needs.

Julia Nava
Original, Handcrafted Traditional and Sacred Native American art form called God's Eyes. (24-point)
Medium - Fiber/Wood/Acrylic.
phone: 956-793-5186

Helen Stembridge of Earth Angel Oils
Wide selection of 100 % Pure Essential Oil products and accessories suitable for all uses. Blends have been developed over many years with the assistance of aromatherapists and health professionals.


Spirit Walk Treasures: Native American and Tribal Healing Jewelry, Crystal Healing Jewelry, Gemstone Spell Charms and Chakra Balancing Jewelry.


Your Custom Spirit-Guided Soul Portraits ($20 and up) created while you watch. During a portraiture session, her guides speak to your guides, and drive her hands to create personalized art; each one unique.

Moon Goddess By the Sea

Metaphysical supplier. Tarot cards, crystals, jewelery, oils. Where magic begins. Located at Water Street Village, 505 S. Water St. #507.

Vicki "Smiling Water" Harraghy

Journey Herbals: Native American Herbs, Incense, Resins, Essential Oils, Prayer Feathers, Medicine Bags and Dream Catchers.

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