South Texas Psychic Fairs


Vendors who have participated in previous events.

Hand-crafted Angel fabric pillows and blankets, tarot card bags in different fabrics, treasure bags, quilted fabric eyeglass cases.

Julia Nava
Original, Handcrafted Traditional and Sacred Native American art form called God's Eyes. (24-point)
Medium - Fiber/Wood/Acrylic.
phone: 956-793-5186

Renaissance influenced jewelry and ceramics; hand-blended therapeutic sprays and bath salts.

Metaphysical Healing Jewelry, Chakra Balancers, Pendulums, "Hoo Doo" Charms, Earth Magick Jewelry, Men's Jewelry and much more.

Rebecca D. of Angel and Fairy Craft

Metaphysical tools, Tarot and Angel cards, mystical oils, premium incense, gemstone and sterling jewelry, gemstone wands and many other spiritual items. email:

R. Bernadette DeShields, N.D.
of Blue Water Mystery School

Transpersonal Iridology - The Study of the Iris - Face, Nail and Tongue Analysis
Your Akashic Records Information

Ronnie "Chief" Medrano of Rustic Barb Wire Creations

Barbed wire crosses, Cedar/Mesquite crosses, Western art decor, Beaded crosses, Turquoise/Coral crosses, wreaths, jewelry, etc.

Your Custom Spirit-Guided Soul Portraits ($20 and up) created while you watch. During a portraiture session, her guides speak to your guides, and drive her hands to create personalized art.

will provide Aura Photography and will be selling Hand-Crafted Sacred Gemstone Jewelry made by Wayne "Lone Eagle" Darling

will be selling Dreamcatchers, Smudge Sticks, Prayer Feathers, Incense, Essential Oils and Resins, Herbal Teas and Medicine Bags

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